First-time homebuyers in Herndon, Virginia

Some of my recent first-time homebuyers in Herndon, Virginia have bought a town home in Coppermill in Herndon or a single family home in Emerald Chase or are looking for a home in Fox Mill Estates. The home buying process is smooth and time-effective when I have sat down with them for a preliminary buyer consultation at my office. When we sit down for about an hour together I try to understand their specific needs in their new home, their current situation, and their time frame. This first crucial step avoids subsequent frustration and wastage of time later. Some of the must-haves for my Herndon home buyers have been an area to grill and barbecue, a fenced yard to play cricket, a living room with a high ceiling, a soaking tub, and a gas connection.

Another vital step for my Herndon buyers has been to get their preapproval done. I constantly emphasize on the absolute need to have a preapproval letter in hand before venturing out to see potential future homes. When one of my buyers lost on a beautiful town home because they did not have a current valid preapproval letter, they immediately met with a loan officer whom I recommended to them and were then able to win on a town home in Coppermill in a multiple offer situation. Again my single family home buyers had their contract ratified in a multiple offer situation because they had their preapproval letter to show how qualified and motivated they were. Sometimes the lenders find some problems while trying to preapprove my buyers and give them simple steps to follow in order to get their credit on track.

At the initial buyer consultation, I also like to prepare my buyers for what to expect in the home-buying process. I prepare them for the various steps such as inspections, appraisal, HOA docs, etc.  so there are fewer surprises along the way. I am very pleased with the homes my buyers purchased in Coppermill and recently in Emerald Chase. There is nothing more rewarding than getting a great house and having a smooth transaction! And that is what happened with my first-time homebuyers in Herndon, Virginia.

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